What is the truth behind the 2 cops who tried to extort money from a “foreigner”?

Today, i saw a post on the news feeds of my Facebook wall. A certain reader/follower (who also claims that he is a foreigner) of the FB page of Top Gear Philippines claimed that he had a flat tire on SLEX somewhere near Cabuyao (Laguna). Then according to him, two(2) “cops” saw him, and allegedly offered help in exchange for money. 
This is the full content of the said post:
“I’m a foreigner, so please don’t post my name. I recently got a flat tire while driving on SLEX. I stopped in Cabuyao area. Two policemen saw me and offered to help me in exchange for money. But then a SLEX guard also saw me and, without saying a word, proceeded to change my tire. after the tire had been changed by the SLEX guard, the cops wouldn’t allow me to leave since they said I had parked illegally by the roadside. they wouldn’t let me go until I gave them money. they intimidated me because I’m a foreigner. shame on these policemen. I just want to thank the SLEX guard who helped me without asking for money.”
Points to Ponder
1. SLEX is a Privately managed roadway, and policemen need to coordinate if they are to patrol the said road, which does not happen too often. unless they are just passing through, and in a marked police vehicle. plus, he mentioned a “SLEX GUARD” with matching the photo in action, so I think it happened (if it did happen, let’s give the benefit of the doubt to these two individuals) on a SLEX exit, or just outside the exit in cabuyao. seldom you would see a “SLEX GUARD” along the road, and most of the time, they are just found near the entrances/exits.
2. based on the extent of damage on the tire that I could see on the given picture, I can presume that he immediately stopped and checked it. unless he was “running flat” (which is unlikely because the rim isn’t disfigured), then I could theorize that he is very fortunate that the incident happened near where the 2 cops and the SLEX guard are positioned (which according to my 1st theory was near a SLEX exit).
3. if the foreigner is an old timer here in the Philippines, then he can differentiate a PNP member and a SLEX highways police (who are basically, also security guards). while if he is new, then he might get confused about the two. (but I don’t think a first timer foreigner would drive alone in SLEX, although that is not impossible).
4. SLEX has security cameras every 500mtr if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong). if this incident really transpired, then somehow it got caught on one of those cameras. then, if the foreigner would want to prove that it happened along the road and not on one of the SLEX exits, the video will prove it. plus, we may get an idea of who are those perpetrators.
5. extortion of the policemen is very unacceptable and should be punished in accordance with the law if this incident is proven to have transpired.
6. the details of the story lacks some important aspect, e.i. did the foreigner eventually pay them? did the 2 cops issue tickets to him? what happened next? did he report the incident? 
7. unless he has another purpose, I personally think that this is a trial by a publicity stunt. 
8. they are just riding the trend of attacking the PNP.
9. finally, if this incident is true, shame on those 2 guys. they don’t deserve to be called policemen anymore. if it’s not, shame on the guy who played the victim. and I hope, as a respected and responsible magazine, Top Gear shouldn’t post stories like this without verifying the veracity. (my one cent on the issue)
thanks, and God bless the Philippines..
sana mag mature na ang mga pag iisip ng pinoy!
Marinong Pulis
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