First and foremost, I would like to emphasize that my comments on this blog post is solely based and limited on my personal experience and that of some other people whom i have talked with.

Thus, readers’ discretion is highly encouraged as what I am going to share is my actual appreciation, or the lack of it, on the issue of PNP/AFP housing projects.
It can be noted that the turn over ceremonies of AFP/PNP HOUSING PROJECT of the Aquino administration has been widely publicised. It has been reported in the different media outlets that the program  has been successful in providing for the need of the uniformed men’s own houses. 
And for your information, the program has different housing sites across the country, with the first and second phases considered as Completed. The units has been turned over to the personnel of the PNP and AFP as well. Also, The third phase as I understand is ongoing. (Whether it is going to be completed is worthy of a separate blog post).

So the one million dollar question of the Filipino people is: did the PNoy administration succeeded in providing homes for its uniformed personnel?
Judging from my personal experience, I don’t think so.
I may not be able to explain this issue well, but let me show you some photos that I personally took during my visit at a certain housing site in Bulacan. It will show you a housing project that was awarded to PNP/AFP personnel 3 years ago but looks like a ghost town of some sort.

note the big crack

The units for officers are roughly 25 sqm and configured as row houses. The engineering works are shabby and really disgusting. There are cracks everywhere! And mind you, these are not just some minor cracks but very large, snaky and long ones. 


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Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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