Solving the Transpo problem: from the side of RailRoad dweller

I was passing through a railroad when I saw these contraptions or innovations. these people tried to solve the prevalent transportation problems of this metro by utilizing the very railroads that the government failed to modernize. their innovations are quite crude but helped a lot especially that these type of transportation may be the fastest or the only way for these folks to move around. It is quite common to see people living near the railroad tracks.

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The reason may be simple.
– they may have no other option. 
– they want quick access to a transportation service (minimal or free of charge)

Or there are other more complicated reason beyond my understanding. but we can see that these people will certainly get out of this place if given the chance. imagine risking your family in a place like this? as you can see, their children will be at risk every day, every time a train passes by.

The resilience of the Filipinos is reflected in these scenarios. but the sad truth will always be, how can the government solve the poverty as experienced by these people, when the railway system that they have learned to harness as a part of their way of living can’t even be modernized. 

If these were modernized, what will happen to these people?
Marinong Pulis
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