Guide to open LANDBANK iACCESS account [2020]

Guide to open LANDBANK iACCESS account [2020]

I have seen a lot of policemen and also those from other services, as well as their dependents, wives, etc., asking in the various fora, especially on the social media groups, such as Police Digest sa FB, among others, this question – “May SAHOD na ba?”.

This despite the fact that most of the of PNP personnel are receiving their salaries thru ATM cards and that they can actually do online banking transactions with it.

This is happening because many of our brothers-in-uniform are:

  1. Either assigned in a locality with no access to a nearby ATMs;
  2. Those whose ATM Cards are in the possession of their “Personal Finance Officers” (READ: na kay kumander); or
  3. Simply because they are not Tech Savvy (Meaning walang hilig or di maalam sa technolohiya :).

The no. 2 reason is a difficult one and the only way you can encourage your wife TO NOT TAKE YOU ATM CARD is to show this memo.

However, for the reasons number 1 and 3, the best option for you is to open a Landbank iAccess account and from there, you can view your salary account whenever you want and wherever you are.

Land Bank iAccess

Landbank iAccess enrollment is free but it is open to existing ATM account holders. Don’t worry though, since PNP personnel who are receiving their salaries thru ATM cards are eligible to apply.  

Note that there are two (2) options for the enrollment:

1. Branch enrollment (Pupunta kayo sa Landbank-Crame), and
2. Online Enrollment. I’ll be teaching the Online option.

Here’s the simple step-by-step guide for that:

Step 1

First, go to which is LandBank’s official online banking website. Take note po natin ang “https“. This indicates that the website is secure and hindi po sya fake website na pwedeng gamitin para sa phishing activities (kung saan ay mahahack ang inyong account).

Step 2

Once you are in the homepage,, please click on the link labelled “Enroll now!”.

Step 3

Also, please read the General Terms and Conditions, before you click the “I agree” button. (Wag po OO lang ng OO, para hindi masalisihan ha. Single ladies, wag agad isuko kay mamang pulis ang bandera ng Bataan. Siguraduhin mo munang walang sabit!)

Step 4

Make sure that you will fill-out the Enrollment Form completely and appropriately. Click “Submit” button once done.

Step 5

For the final step. Review all of information that you’ve entered on the form. If you need to check everything again, you may cleck the “Back” button to edit your information. Review it carefully, and If you are now sure, look for the button labelled “Confirm”. That will end and finalize the Enrollment process.


Once your Landbank account have been successfully registered, you will be brought to an acknowledgement page similar to the photo below.

At the same time, you will receive a message to your email (enrolled email address):    

There you have it! You may now use the username and password that you have supplied in the application process.

Wag pong tatanga-tanga at ng di makalimutan ang password mo ha! 🤣😅

To login to your account, visit and use your username and password.

You are welcome to comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family in the PNP.

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  1. bakit laging invalid ang card number ko pag nageenrol ako sa i-access. pinablock ko ung atm ko kasi nawala pero sinabi nung landbank dito sa pampanga na okey lang kasi ung atm card lang nablock hindi and account ko..

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