PNP Guideline: Payroll ATM Card is Part of Uniform

The PNP Memorandum Circular No. 2014-004 or the Updated Guidelines and Procedures in the Handling of Mandatory ATM Pay and Allowances Accounts of the PNP Personnel with the Land Bank of the Philippines was reiterated to all personnel of the PNP during the Flag Raising Ceremony on October 24, 2016 held in front of PNP NHQ building.

Then PMGEN Eleazar led the ceremonial issuance of Landbank payroll ATM cards, PHILHEALTH Cards and PNP IDs to the police recruits. Undated Photo Credits to PNP.

All police officers were reminded that the payroll ATM Card issued by PNP Finance Service, through the Land Bank of the Philippines, is part of the uniform and that it should always be in the possession of each PNP personnel AT ALL TIMES.

Also, this payroll ATM Card must be presented during inspections together with PNP ID, PAR, etc. As stated, non-compliance on this guideline will be dealt with accordingly.

In this undated photo, personnel are showing their Landbank ATM card during inspection.

What does it mean for the PNP personnel on the ground?  

All PNP personnel must abide with this since it is covered by a Memorandum Circular.

But based on the reactions of PNP members on the ground, this policy is received with varying opinions and emotions.

There are a lot of reason for their reactions but we can summarize it to these main issues:  

  1. I am assigned in a far-flung area without access to nearby ATMs and I need somebody to withdraw money for me;
  2. With the same reason as number 1, and that I need to provide for my family;
  3. My wife insists that she must take possession of the ATM card since she is the one who manages the finances of the family.

There are a lot of proposed ways to counter this policy that was being suggested by the netizens, most notably by the wives. As a matter of fact, while I found below comment as rather wise and amusing at the same time, please don’t follow this:

Actual suggestion of a police wife. This is wrong. Don’t be like her.

Just know that the above suggestion won’t work nowadays because inspection teams have with them a master list of all payroll account numbers. Your alibi that your ATM card was lost is only effective once.

My humble opinion  

I once led a Platoon of high-spirited police officers in a far-flung island of Palawan near the boundary with Malaysia. The biggest problem that we faced was the absence of any ATM kiosks from which we can withdraw our salaries.

This forces us to hand over our ATM cards to somebody we can trust (for married personnel, it’s their wives/for singles, either someone from their family, girl/boy friends, friends or classmate) that have access to an ATM.  

BUT, that was before the PNP MC 2014-004 was implemented. Times have changed.

In the end, this guideline is a written internal policy of PNP to which every personnel must restpect and abide.

What was presented here are merely some reasons why this policy may need to be reevaluated.

Many Husbands Rejoicing

However, just as they say, with every cons, there will be pros. Because according to some pulis snitches out there, the married PNP personnel were rejoicing because this is one of their lifelong dreams – to have in their possession that has highly coveted ATM card.  

Others pointed out that accordingly, dahil marami talagang ganun ang setup (Misis holds the ATM card), the personnel has no extra money, thus, he is very prone to temptations of corruption. Well, sabi sabi lang naman yun. Marami umano kasing tropa na may luho or sugal na kinahuhumalingan. (Fair warning, bawal na ang inom (in public) at sugal sa PNP personnel, lagot kayo sa IMEG pag nagkataon. Wag sayangin ang serbisyo.)

My Suggestion?

Since what’s required is the actual possession of the issued payroll account, and NOT the salary itself, you may fund transfer the content of your Payroll ATM account to the account of your spouse. Do the following:

  1. Open another ATM account for your spouse.
  2. Enroll to Landbank iAccess Online Banking.
  3. Fund transfer your monthly salary to the other ATM account that your spouse have.
  4. Problem solved!

Needless to say, I believe that this policy is generally a good one, because it will bring back the glory and pride of the male Personnel.

Anyway, I am also recommending that those who are assigned in far-flung areas must be given considerations.  

I welcome any healthy discussion on the comments section.

The guideline is posted for reiteration.

For those who want to know how to apply for a Landbank iAccess account, please click this link.You are welcome to comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family in the PNP.

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