December is the most awaited season of the  Police Force. Traditionally, the police force is split in two from the highest level down to the lowest command. But, there are several instances where the sitting commander wouldn’t allow it, especially is there is a present threat to the public order and safety.

Regardless of the situation, this is a well-deserved time-off for our beloved law enforcers who dedicated almost every day of their lives to render duty to the motherland. This is the only moment wherein our servicemen can bond with their families, parents, sons and daughters, and even their friends.

The festive mood of the Yuletide season might be special for the ordinary citizenry, but for the servicemen (including all police, soldiers, and other branches of services), this is the only moment where they can show their love and presence to their loved ones.

That is why, my dear brothers and sisters in the noble profession of service to the motherland, including the families behind the badges and uniforms, I am glad to present to you the memorandum signed by our beloved Chief, PNP fo the schedules of our breaks.

Please see below:

Note: The photo shown above was screengrabbed from facebook.com. courtesy to the original uploader.

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