3 Essential Gadgets/Equipment a PNP personnel needs in the Patrol Duty (Part 1)

Patrol Duty is just one of the many jobs our PNP personnel needs to perform on a regular basis. It is also one of the most complicated and energy-draining activity. For the uninitiated, it might look easy (paipo-upo lang naman at patayo-tayo sila), but for those who had done the patrol duties, it requires your full attention, else you may be caught off guard if a crime is being committed near you.

But aside from those obvious challenges, we are also standing in direct exposure to the public, open for their scrutiny. Any wrong or bad moves and actions that we have committed, we are prone to wrong public interpretation and possibly ridicule.

Also, this is the perfect time of the year to buy these gadgets because they’re mostly on sale in the online stores. additionally, instead of buying worthless or non-essential things using your bonus, why not invest in something that will help boost your productivity or make your job easy.

Thus, to aid our Policemen who are out there patrolling the streets, I am listing below 3 essential Gadgets that the police officers really need to perform their patrol duties like a pro.

1. Waterproof Action Cameras (Alternative for Body Cams)

As I have mentioned earlier, we are always the subject of public scrutiny every time we are deployed in the field or streets to perform our patrol duties. And as law enforcers and public servants, we can do nothing about that.

But, to counter accusations of irregularities in our performance4 Essential Gadgets that PNP personnel needs in a patrol (Part 1) of duty, we must purchase Action Cameras to record our daily encounters with the public.

You may never know that a simple encounter in public while on patrol duties will result in a case filed against you at NAPOLCOM, IAS, PLEB, Ombudsman, etc. Also, I mentioned that there are alternatives for body cam for the simple reason that body cams can get very expensive.

I am listing 3 of my suggestions below. These are classified according to their price tags and features. Go click on the Link to access the gadgets and a good thing too because these are on sale.

a. GoPro Hero4 12MP Action Camera
b. SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi 12MP Action Camera
c. W8 Ultra HD 2″ Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

2. Tactical Flashlights

Night Patrol duties are always challenging and difficult already. But the absence of a reliable tactical flashlight may spell disastrous After TOD Report. Why?

Normally, criminal elements lurk in the dark alleys and corners of the streets that we are going to patrol (if you are assigned in walking beat patrol). Likewise, human nature will always set-in for these criminals to hide in the dark if pursued by the police.

A reliable flashlight is indeed necessary for us because scientific studies on the human eye said that when it was accustomed to the low-level light, and then subjected to bright light, it can result in a 5-10 seconds temporary blindness or loss of vision.

And in that case, it may even bring a 5-seconds shock to that person. And that 5-seconds shock is a lifesaver if your subject is armed and dangerous that is willing to engage the police.
I’ll list 3, depending on their functions and suitability.

For long firearms:

a. Tactical Flashlight Torch Rifle Mount Gun Remote Switch

For lady cops:

b. Tactical 7W 1200lm CREE Q5 SA3 Zoomable Mini Flashlight Torch

With Stun/Taser Feature:

c. Police 1101 Tactical Stun Gun with Built-in LED Flashlight

 3. Hydration Systems or Water pouch bag

Those who have been deployed in patrols or CDM knows the importance of clean water supply.

It’s OK if you are patrolling an area where clean water supplies are available. But what if there’s none. Especially in the suburban areas and in the rural deployments.

If you are not sure of the potability of water supply, don’t risk yourselves. The underlying health problems that may arise if you drink unsafe water are limitless, such as acquiring Amoebiasis, Hepatitis, etc. Plus, you will not get a bad reputation of asking for anything (pahingi ng tubig).

Some people may take it against you, and the organization that you represents.


a. Bigskyie 3L 3 Liter (100 oz) Hydration Pack Bladder Water Bag Pouch

b. 3L Hydration System Water Bag Pouch Backpack Bladder
c. 3L Water Bag bottle Pouch knapsack tactical
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