PNP PROVIDENT FUND: Very Low Interest Loans for PNP Personnel

What is PNP Provident Fund?

It is a loan facility for the emergency, educational, healthcare and livelihood financial needs of all Philippine National Police personnel and was envisioned to benefit both uniformed and non-uniformed personnel to boost their morale and welfare. It was established on December 16, 2004, with a Securities and Exchange Commission Registry No. CN200419534.

Who are the members?

All regular PNP member, including the non-uniformed , are automatic members of the PNP Provident Funds and will only be terminated as a member once he/she is separated from the PNP service on the following reasons, death, dismissal, resignation or retirement, among others.

What are the qualifications for loan application?

  • Permanent appointment with at least one (1) year in the service;
  • With net take home pay of not less than Php 7,000.00 after deduction of a monthly amortization;
  • With no pending case;
  • Not retiring within one (1) year; and
  • Has no existing PNP Provident Fund loan (except when applying for the emergency loan).

What are the loan requirements (Documentary Requirements)?

  • Certificate of duty status from Unit.
  • RIAS Clearance
  • RIDMD Clearance 
  • Back to back photocopy of PNP ID.
  • 3 latest Payslip
  • (for PO1) Permanent Appointment Order

Where can you apply for a loan?

  • Regional Finance Services and NHQ Finance 14

Where can you get the loan application form?

  • You may get it from places where you may apply for your loan

What type of loans is being offered?

There are 2 main types of loans available for all. Although they also offer calamity, emergency, etc, we will be talking about the following only:

  • Salary loan – (10K to 70K) and (80K to 100K)
  • Birthday Loan – (maximum of 10K)
Courtesy to the photo owner. old loan matrix.

Salary Loan

You can avail of a Salary Loan at 5% per annum a.(loanable amount: Php 10,000.00 to Php 70,000.00), and b.(loanable amount: Php 80,000.00 to Php 100,000.00)* and payable up to 3 years.

*NOTE: Additional requirements for availing PNP Provident Loan 80k-100k:

  • a. Certification from the unit that the personnel has not applied for optional retirement or resignation;
  • b. Valid PNP ID card shall be presented together with an authenticated photocopy (3 signatures); and
  • c. ” Payee’s Copy” of Payslip for the last three months with the RFSO-authenticated photocopy.


updated salary loan matrix 2018

Birthday Loan

The PNP Provident Fund Board of Trustees has approved on May 7, 2015, the proposed “Birthday Loan” for all PNP Personnel (Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Personnel) in accordance with Section 4.d of the AO 279. The “Birthday Loan” is deemed a benefit for it has a minimal interest rate of 2% as compared to other lending entities. The loanable amount is Php10,000.00 payable for 12 months with a monthly amortization of Php850.00.
Effective date: June 1, 2015

Filing Period: Within 1 month prior to the date of birth starting on May 1, 2015

Note: Birthday Loan may be granted over and above an existing salary, calamity or emergency loan, provided that the monthly deduction will not reduce the Net Take Home Pay (NTHP) below minimum prescribed amount as follows:

  • Uniformed Personnel- Php3,000.00 +Subsistence Allowance
  • Non-Uniformed Personnel-Php3,000.00

Application forms are available at your respective Regional Finance Service Office and NHQ FS14.

For further inquiries, pls visit your respective RFSOs or at the NHQ FS14.
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