The Communists are violating the International Humanitarian Law, the very same law these terrorist keep on citing every time they are on the losing ends. IHL protects civilian government personnel against armed assaults. According to constitution, and other laws that created and professionalized the PNP, the police force of this country is of civilian character.

The usual propaganda tactics of these terrorists is to declare that those killed had past records of “abuses” to the community. But in this case, that would not simply apply. As we can see, those KIAs are newly recruited members of the PNP. And it is just so hard to believe that they have “records of abuses”. The most senior, a female cop with the rank of PO3 is a member of the SOCO, a technical branch of the PNP. clearly, she is not a combatant…

the victims are SOCO personnel- noncombatants.

Their blatant disregard of the IHL is a reminder that they are not worthy of our time in the negotiating table. These so-called peace negotiation will simply never work, as they have no intention of seriously engaging in it. They are just using the same in their advantage and to leverage their cause. Remember, based on the so many accounts of our government spies embedded inside CNN org’l structures, the negotiation is one of their tactics to defeat the government.

Likewise, happy happy na naman sila sa higher ups ng CPP kasi pinalaya ang mga political prisoners kuno. But in reality, these men and women hold important positions in the revolutionary organization structure of CPP NPA NDF.

No to communists!!!

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Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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