Renato Reyes: lying, Coward Party-official of the Communist Party of the Philippines

Renato Reyes, a high-ranking Party official of the Communist party of the Philippines is afraid to engage with other people, as evidenced by the deliberate removal of the “comment” section for his posts if the commenter is not on his accepted facebook friends.
This also shows how they deceive their blind followers.

Folks, communism, leninism, maoist ideologies as well as socialism are the enemy of the democracy. The very same democracy that allows us to do just about anything that is associated with the word “free”.

First, the “KADAMAY” issue. Just this morning, the brazen and bold acts of legitimate CPP NPA members conducting a lightning rally in yhe heart of EDSA in Cubao.

These are acts that shows that they are “testing the waters”. One more blink, and their actions would be more militaristic, more devastating. Remember, these people, or animals, were listed as terrorists.

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Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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