Ang rason po kung bakit hindi dapat nag gi-give in ang gobyerno sa mga demands ng mga komunista, especially tulad nito, ay dahil magsusunuran na din ang iba pa.. Dahil may precedence na.. Ang ibig sabihin ng anarchy ay wala ng control o totally wala ng gobyerno.  Yan ang isang end state na iniendorso ng mga komunista… Kaya mag isip isip din tayo minsan.. Ang sinumpaan nating tungkulin ay loyalty sa constitution and nation.. Hindi sa mga taong temporary lang na nanunungkulan.

And while we still support the President as our Commander-in-Chief, we must not veer away from our true mandate of ensuring the peace and order and protection of the national security, which is threatened by these communist-influenced groups riding in legitimate social issues.

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And here is their statement:

Oh diba? Aabusuhin lng nila yan.. Di nmn sila legitimate eh.. Gagawin lng nilang imbakan ng mga baril at bomba ang mga housing jan.. Good luck sa mga servicemen natin.. Dadanak ang dugo dahil sa simpleng pagkakamali na ito..

The problem with this kind of treatment, is that, more and more similar takeovers will eventually happen. Simply because communists are behind these takeovers. And what’s more alarming is the fact that with the pronouncement of the president, the communists actually won. How? They have effectively created a “guerrilla mass bass” well within the outskirts of metro manila.

If you are a law enforcer or a military personnel, you should be very worried of this. Because this is a fullfillment of the communist concept of “encircling the capital/cities from the countryside”, a phase in Mao Zedong’s “Protracted people’s war” which was adopted by Joma Sison’s CPP NPA NDF.
Are we going to experience more raids and ambushes in Metro Manila in the future? I hope not… #NeverCoddleCommunists

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