The PNP Counter-Intelligence Task Force (CITF) is continuously validating reports of alleged involvement of 1,122 more PNP personnel in illegal activities.
A total of 41 PNP personnel and 15 civilians had been arrested, mostly for extortion, over the last six months since the activation of CITF in January 2017.
According to PSSupt Chuiquito Malayo, CITF Commander, the CITF has received 1,180 police-related concerns out of the 7,049 reports and complaints received thru its SMS reporting hotline 09986702286 and 09957958569.
These reports identified 1,122 police personnel (249 officers and 873 non-officers) allegedly involved in different forms of irregularities, Malayo said.
Malayo said 641 personnel were identified in SMS reports as involved in the three most prevalent violations as protector of illegal activities, engaged in drug activities and extortion.
Subject to ongoing extensive and through validation are SMS reports that named 385 personnel from NCRPO, 147 from CALABARZON and 14! From Central Luzon, Malayo said.
The SMS reports received by CITF stemmed from alleged violations and complaints against PNP personnel as protector of illegal activities, drug use and trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, “hulidap”, physical injuries, illegal logging, unexplained wealth, kidnapping, smuggling, gunrunning, and other analogous anomalies. (PNP-PIO)

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