A lot of questions and unsolicited comments would arise every time an off-duty police officer takes out his service firearm to respond or react to a potentially dangerous situation. (Take the example of the PO3 Taytayon incident).
Some say that PNP personnel are prohibited from carrying their FAs when not in uniform. Others defended the PNP and said it is allowed. Do they have a basis for saying their respective opinions?
After digging some old files, I saw this memo from PNP Directorate for Operations:

Memo re carrying of FAs when not in uniform.credits to DO
It turned out, based on the command guidance, PNP personnel are indeed allowed to carry their firearms even in civilian clothes in order to immediately respond to all incidents.
This is in accordance to the PNP Memo Circular No. 2011-005 which provides that PNP, AFP and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) may carry their licensed privately-owned or government-issued firearms while in civilian clothes, but subject to the following conditions:
a. With corresponding Mission Order/Letter Orders issued by duly constituted authorities (in PNP’s case, you can get it usually from your Intel Offices, and signed by your chief of offices);
b. With computerized firearms license card ( yes, this is required);
c. The firearm must be CONCEALED. (unless, there is a necessity to bring it out and use it, conceal your guns)
To finally close the issue, bringing our gun while in ‘civvies’ is a big responsibility. remember that as law enforcers, we are on call 24/7 to respond to any matters that may pose threats to the peace and order.

And remember that when the time where you will be forced to bring out the gun and use it against an attacker or suspect, you won’t get jailed if the circumstances of self-defense, defense of relatives or strangers will be satisfied.

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