This is a Lumad School or Indigenous People’s Learning Center in Mindanao. It was intended to teach children about the importance of education but the pictures greatly differ from what is being taught.

The “Bayan Muna, ACT Teachers, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Migrante and Kabataan partylist” and other communist entities are solely to be blamed here.

According to a Military official, some pork barrel funds coming from these communist partylist is funding the school that teaches students of attacking an Army detachment or tactics in an ambush operation.

They are like cadets being prepared for the New Peoples Army. They are studying books coming from Karl Marx(Father of Communist Ideology) and Mao Zedong(Chinese Communist founder) instead of those books that should have been helping these young Lumads of a better future.

Please share this to spread awareness! Zero votes for those partylist!

This post including the texts was originally uploaded by the facebook page Juan Nationalist.

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Marinong Pulis
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