A trending topic was being discussed in the FB Group “Police Digest sa FB”. it revolved around whether that incident wherein the NCRPO Chief scolded the PNCOs caught in the act of using a cellphone while in the middle of their duty during the ASEAN meetings was right or wrong. some pointed out that that may be on the extremes but who are we to question the commander’s prerogative. Others were right to note that these PNCOs were scolded outrightly on their posts by the NCRPO Chief because of what seemed to be a break down of discipline.

Photo grabbed from CNN Philippines website. credits to the CNN.

As it turned out, when the motorcade led by NCRPO Chief passed by several columns of road securities composed of PNP personnel, he noticed that majority were out of focus and many were busy fidgeting on their cellular phones. A commander has every right to be angry or be pissed off if the responsibility of ensuring the success of the security operation lies on his shoulders and yet, his men on the ground seem to be uncooperative. That may look like a stunt to others, but then again, correcting the infraction on the spot is the best thing to do in these tense and stressful situations. As to the field personnel, following the rules and being snappy will make you avoid being the receiving end of that kind of disciplinary action.

Now, what is the connection of the above paragraphs to the title of this article? 

Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, these topics were being actively discussed in the FB Group. while majority are sticking on the issue at hand, one individual, a policeman assigned at NCRPO, made a big mistake of veering away from the issue and instead unleashed his hatred to the officers who are graduates of PNPA and PMA.

Screengrabbed from FB Group “Police Digest sa FB”

To give justice and as a response, hear me out and read the following:

Professionalism is not measured by a piece of paper and is not guaranteed by being included in that “PRC” list you’ve been bragging about. One good measure of professionalism in this service are actuation and respect for authorities. Your comment is a good example of your lack of it (professionalism.) So shame on you. Your gripes and bitterness are eating you. Prove your worth by deeds, not by anonymous comments here on Facebook. I have nothing against PNCOs. Most I worked with, I treated them as my brothers/sisters and considered them my best friends. Heck, I even relied my life on them. PNCOs are leaders in the making, I kept on believing that.
You are a disgrace in this uniformed Profession. If you can’t take it anymore, just quit.
To expound, respect is earned, not automatically bestowed upon you by your “Professional License”. The issue at hand is whether the action of the commander was right or wrong. It’s not about the level of professionalism of graduates from the 2 academies. Remove your hatred.
And to go down on your level of argument, yung mga graduate ng academy, pwedeng magkaroon ng PRC license yan after continuing their education, eh ikaw? Will you get a BSPS degree?
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Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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