Here we go again. one self-styled, self-proclaimed “journalist” is spreading gossips on his column in a major broadsheet. according to him, the Chief PNP’s son, Rock Dela Rosa, has been guarded by bodyguards while inside the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

With such serious allegation, one would expect that the “journalist” has some solid evidence or proof to show. Except that he has none.

His claim of “the fellow plebes” complaining is laughable. How come he was able to speak to a plebe? they are not allowed outside the camp yet.

Also, as alleged by this “journalist”, Cadet Dela Rosa enjoyed a good life, doesn’t live on the barracks and is able to go out of the academy most of the night.

Such unfounded claims are not only destroying Cadet Dela Rosa but is also inimical to the reputation of the PNPA.

Now, I am not writing here to say that I knew what really happened because I was not there to see firsthand the real situation. however, applying the way how this “journalist” opened the issue, I will also cite my own sources.

And it will be his statements against my statements. but i would like to remind you of this “journalist’s” reputation (or the lack of it.)

First off, I knew someone inside the academy. this source of mine brushed off the “journalist’s” claim as fake news, garbage and deserves nothing more than a trash can.

All cadets are billeted on the cadet barracks located inside the academy. I will not expound it but I can assure you that my source is very reliable and trustworthy.

Second, a claim that cadet Dela Rosa is going out every night is a very stupid claim. why? before I explain it, let me tell you this.

One noticeable thing that the parent, or any observer, would see is the physical changes that a PNPA Plebe undergo. A chubby son or daughter may or most likely will end up slim and muscular after their plebehood.

That is because of the combination of the physical exercises, rigid training program and stress. so, why did I say that the claim is stupid?

Well, if Cadet Dela Rosa has been going out MOST NIGHTS, then one plausible explanation is he is having a good time – going to his family, eating foods he probably misses (cadets can’t simply request any food.) Right???

Then, how would you explain this?
A very chubby Cadet Dela Rosa during their Reception Rites last year:

and a slim, fit looking Cadet Dela Rosa during their Recognition Rites:

Edit: I can’t help but add this: the cadet can’t even look his father in the eyes, the very first thing a plebe learns inside the academy.

Ultimately, my point really is, spare the young man and let him prove his worth. If he is taking advantage of his father’s position to his favor, I can assure you that he will never survive his officership later in his life. For now, let him enjoy his cadetship.

Later on, if indeed this young man did not pass through the proper plebehood, only his own conscience would know. only him will know that he is in fact, “Hilaw”.

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