1. Discipline

I personally believe that the value of self-discipline must come first above all. while there is an ongoing debate on which should be prioritized, self-discipline or strict implementation of the law, I dare say that this issue is synonymous to the “chicken or egg” argument, meaning, nobody’s gonna win. Because in reality and most importantly, they should go hand in hand. Yes, in a perfect scenario and considering the common belief that discipline should be inherent to us as human beings, there seem to be a few who believes that there is no problem when one violates the social norms.

However, in the real world, there are many factors to consider. one big factor is the very nature of human beings. we are in fact susceptible to pressures and sadly, our values or morals are sometimes forgotten or left behind, shown only when a need warrants.

And to point out, there is no way you can claim that discipline is present within the ranks when the subordinates are in reality, just afraid of the consequences brought about by the strict implementation of the law, right?

As a matter of fact, for me, all other PNP values are anchored, one way or another, to discipline. thus, all efforts must be exerted to prevent the breakdown of discipline across all echelons in the PNP organization.

2. Devotion to Duty

One impending crisis we are about to face in the organization is the loss of devotion to duty of some police officers. we are hearing about officers who were seeking political patronage just to avoid certain assignments or duties that they don’t like or not favorable to their individual interests. Also, there are some who are more loyal now to the politicians or other ‘VIPs’ than to the police organization (which reminds me that such an issue is worthy of a separate article here).

I can’t stress this enough, but devotion to duty is very important to maintain the organizational standards required and expected from us to be able to fully serve the people. But ultimately, a personnel’s devotion to duty is measured by and anchored to his level of discipline.  Thus, somebody who lacks devotion is also lacking discipline.

3. Respect for Authorities

I must stress that a lack of respect for the authorities is telling of an individual’s level of discipline. While it is true that respect is earned, in our organization, it is very important to keep the ball rolling. but, it must be mutual in order to work out. A popular understanding of respect goes like this, Respect me and I will respect you, we need to respect higher authorities for them to reciprocate it. Always obey legal orders given by the duly constituted authorities.

Respect is more than just about following lawful orders. It is a value that must be internalized, embraced and adopted, wherever you may be. take for example this official police station Facebook account whose user has effectively criticized and humiliated his own officer in the public Facebook Group “Police Digest sa FB”.

This comment popped in a post about the Proposed Salary increase in the said FB Group

Without respect, the chain of command will break down and the organizational mission may become compromised or will ultimately fail.

There you have it. These 3 values are what I believe are the most important and thus, must be protected and nurtured. If you are unwilling to embrace these values, you must learn how to.

Or better yet, resign and leave this organization.

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Author’s note: For the next few months, I’ll be posting a series of random essays and opinion pieces I made on schooling which I am currently taking up.

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