Philippine National Police chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa orders today the third level reassignment of 12 PNP high-ranking officers to different posts.

Dela Rosa issued a special order dated January 18, 2018 indicating 12 PNP generals are relieved from their current assignment and reassigned to various units.

File Photo of the Chief, PNP PDG Ronald Dela Rosa. 

In addition, five (5) Police Directors and seven (7) Police Chief Superintendents have been included in the list.

  1. PDIR NOLI G TALIÑO of Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development is reassigned to Special Action Force;
  2. PDIR CEDRICK G TRAIN of DIPO, Western Mindanao is reassigned to Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development;
  3. PDIR NOEL G CONSTANTINO of the Directorate for Police Community Relations is reassigned to DIPO, Western Mindanao;
  4. PDIR EDUARDO SERAPIO M GARADO of DIPO, Southern Luzon and reassigned to Directorate for Police Community Relations;
  5. PDIR BENJAMIN M LUSAD of Special Action Force is reassigned to DIPO, Southern Luzon;
  6. PCSUPT ELMO FRANCIS O SARONA of PRO CORDILLERA is reassigned to Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management;
  7. PCSUPT EDWARD E CARRANZA of Health Service is reassigned to PRO CORDILLERA;
  8. PCSUPT EMMANUEL LUIS D LICUP of Directorate for Operations is reassigned to PRO MIMAROPA;
  9. PCSUPT WILBEN M MAYOR of PRO MIMAROPA is reassigned to Directorate for Operations;
  10. PCSUPT ROBERT G QUENERY of PRO 2 is reassigned to PRO 7;
  11. PCSUPT TIMOTEO G PACLEB of PRO 10 is reassigned to PRO 2;
  12. PCSUPT JOSE MARIO M ESPINO of PRO 7 is reassigned to PRO 10

The Director for Personnel and Records Management, PDir Rene Aspera signed the special order that will be effective today, January 18.

(Press Release by PNP-PIO)

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