(UPDATED) There has been some ruckus on social media about health care services and coverage for the PNP personnel lately.

However, this is not new as it has become a recurring issue among PNP personnel. There is a specific question on social media that caught my attention.

A father, a police officer, was asking if the PSMBFI (a life insurance provider) would reimburse him for a major medical operation to be performed on his daughter and he is quite desperate about it.

Sad it may be, but the known insurance memberships of PNP personnel such as PSMBFI and AFPMBAI are all classified as personal life insurance.

So the short answer is NO, they will not cover health claims. The more appropriate answer is, if it is a medical operation, then it is not covered even by your personal life insurance.

It must be understood that the PSMBFI and even the AFPMBAI covers only the loss of limbs and life of the specific insurance bearer.

Generally, the only health insurance benefits that we may avail is from the PhilHealth.

However, it is understood that the coverage is very minimal and limited.

This author has a personal experience on this when he was hit by Dengue while in deployment at Palawan. The total hospital bill was Php 65,000 plus.

Unfortunately, PHILHEALTH only covered Php 9,000 because the case was classified by the hospital as the lowest type of Dengue.

That’s why it’s high time for the PNP Organization to have a mandatory health care card for its personnel who are always exposed to the elements.

Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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