Ber months na! The year 2018 is about to end. Aside from the blessings associated with the Yuletide season (year-end bonus, Incentive Bonus, PBB, etc.), this end of the year is also a unique one that will cause happiness to our uniformed personnel.

The reason?

Well because January 2019 is when the implementation of the 2nd Tranche of Salary increase based on the Joint Resolution (J.R.) No. 1 (The law passed by both houses of the Congress and signed by President Duterte) would take effect.

Under the said law, the 1st tranche was implemented last January 2018 where the PO1s and their equivalent ranks/salary grade in the other uniformed services (AFP, PCG, BJMP, BFP, NAMRIA) got the biggest jump of 100% on their base pay while the rest of the rank and file got a considerable increase too.

Indeed, that increase helped a lot in alleviating the economic conditions of our modern day heroes.

However, as a caveat, let me forewarn you that the 2nd tranche of this salary increase under J.R. No. 1 will cover the increase of ranks SPO4 and up only.

There is really no stated reason for not including the other ranks, but if we will recall from my other article about the salary increase, it was the PO1 up to SPO3 who got a bigger increase in base pay in terms of the percentage increase.

Now, I don’t want to say that this is the end of it, because who knows when there will be another set of salary increases in the future.

For now, let’s just be thankful for what was given to us.

Moving forward, this 2nd tranche will provide a considerable increase for our PNP personnel and other uniformed services.

I will not expound on this as we have already discussed this in the previous articles, but what I am really intent of doing is to show you what is to be expected for this specific salary increase in January 2019.

As such, let me direct your attention to the copy of the original document signed by PDuterte:

To simplify, below is the projected increase for January 2019.


Notice that the Monthly base pay for ranks of PO1 to SPO3 did not change.

The reason was already mentioned above.

My next article is about the NAPOLCOM RESOLUTION NO. 2018-340: INCREASE IN COLLATERAL PAY.

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