The Salary Increase of government workers will be delayed, Sec. Diokno pronounced. As a result, we received queries on whether the PNP and other Uniformed Service personnel will be affected.

Funding Source for FY 2019

It is evident in the attached photo below extracted from the Joint Resolution No. 1 (the law that authorized the salary increase of PNP and other MUPs), under sub-para VI. Funding Source.

So, as explicitly stated therein, the amount necessary to implement the salary increase under this law for  FY2018 will be sourced from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund.

On the other hand, the funding requirements for the SUCCEEDING YEARS (FY 2019 and onwards) will be included and sourced from the annual General Appropriations Act (GAA).

The provision for Funding source as provided in the J.R. no. 1.

Salary Increase Delayed?

Connecting the pronouncement of Sec. Diokno and the provision for funding source under J.R. No. 1, it is now apparent that the Salary Increase for PNP, AFP and other MUPs will definitely be delayed.

Due to Congress’ failure to pass the 2019 GAA, the delay may be up until March 2019, Sec. Diokno said.

But don’t fret, as he had mentioned, that salary increase will be applied retroactively. Meaning, it will start from January up until the month when the increase would ultimately take effect.

It is up to the DBM or your agencies concerned on how they will implement the back pay or Salary Adjustment.

Reenacted Budget until March 2019

The stop-gap solution for this scenario (failure to pass the GAA into law) is to have a reenacted budget, Congressman Andaya stated in an interview.

Therefore, this means that the approved budget based on GAA 2018 is adopted temporarily for FY 2019 to avoid stoppage of government functions.

Thus, this further means that the salary of the PNP and other MUPs will remain the same until such time when the GAA 2019 is passed into law. 

In other words, it will be tentatively in March 2019, according to Sec. Diokno.


The salary increase will be delayed. As a result, it will be implemented by March (According to Sec. Diokno) and with retroactive effect to start from January 2019.

It will take effect, albeit, a bit late. If you are looking for information about: the salary increase this 2019, who is going to get it and why? Please read my previous post about it.

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