Landbank warns clients of bogus Facebook Pages

(PIA) The Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) advises its clients to be wary of fake Facebook Pages posing as official FB page of the LANDBANK.

In an advisory, Landbank reminded the public to look for the following when searching the page:

· LANDBANK is Verified (Verification Badge)

· LANDBANK is a Government Organization (Proper Listing)

· LANDBANK’s official name is Land Bank of the Philippines.

Photos courtesy of Land Bank of the Philippines.

When browsing the page, the public is also advised to look for the following:

  • LANDBANK’s official url is For your reference, all of LANDBANK’s Social Media Accounts have the word “Official.” (Correct URL)
  • LANDBANK frequently posts original content relevant to our clients’ needs. Always check the date of our official page’s latest post. (Posted Content).

Likewise, the public is advised that LANDBANK will never ask for the member’s ATM PIN, Online Passwords, CVV, and any other personal info irrelevant to the transaction.

Landbank advises its customers that if any suspicious email or message received requesting for personal/sensitive information, immediately notify the Landbank through its 24/7 Customer Care Hotline at (02) 405-7000.

This article appeared first on the PIA website. This is redistributed here to spread awareness. All rights are owned by PIA. Fair use is invoked. See the original article here.

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