PNPA Cadets: The true blooded Iskolar ng Bayan

The term “Iskolar ng bayan” or ISKO usually referred to the government scholars in state universities. Almost always, for some reason, the general public associate the term to the students of University of the Philippines.

However, the term is also perceived negatively by many as these very scholars, schooling paid by the government, became the main source of recruits of the Communist Terrorist organization’s legal fronts. Some of them join anti-government rallies organized by the left, and some ultimately join the armed component of the communist organization – the New People’s Army or NPA, starting in what they call an Immersion Program organized by the left to prepare these recruited students to be fully accepted in the Communist Party as Cadres.

UP scholar turns NPA dead
UP scholar turns NPA dead. Credits to FB page Inside Truth for the photo.


In essence, these government scholars’ schools are the breeding grounds for future officials of the Communist organization in the Philippines. By exploiting social issues such as poverty and corruption, these bright students became victims of the evil design of the Communists.

The True Iskolar ng Bayan

On the other, up in the mountains of Silang, Cavite lies the “Last Bastion of Hope”, the Philippine National Police Academy or PNPA, which breeds future leaders in the police, fire and jail institutions of the country.

A less popular group of ISKOs, the true blooded one, are the PNPA cadets. Filipino youth should emulate them. They are the true ISKOs. They are the laudable examples of what the youth should act, as shown by these two graduating cadets:

PNPA cadets, government scholars. ISKO
PNPA cadets, government scholars. ISKO


Police Cadet Jervis Allen Ramos, after finishing criminology course at the Universidad de Manila and passed ranked third in the Criminologist Board Exam in October 2014, he decided to pursue his dream in public service by joining Philippine National Police Academy. His father Ramos is a jeepney driver and her mother is a street vendor and despite all the hardships in life and poverty, it did not stop him in excelling in his studies and topping this year’s graduating SANSIKLAB class 2019 at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA).

His success story in life is a good example to all the “iskolar ng bayan” and a good manifestation of “kabataan, pag-asa ng bayan”.


Police Cadet Carisusa’s original dream was to become a doctor but because of poverty, she chose to take up computer science through the scholarship of the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (UP Cebu). Her father Rodel is a farmer and her mother Rita is a daycare worker but eventually, she finished salutatorian at the Philippine National Police Academy as she joined SANSIKLAB Class of 2019 despite all odds and challenges.

Her story is indeed an inspiration to the youth and worth telling.



These young men and women are all government scholars. One chose to destroy themselves by joining a failed rebellion, the other chose to help build the country by serving it wholeheartedly.

Let us NOT SUPPORT these communists! And for the parents, guide your children against the evil claws of these terrorist communists!


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