Uloan: PSSLAI’s newest loan package at 9% pa

As public safety officers, we are paid by the government a monthly salary for the services that we’ve rendered. That is usually enough for our usual financial needs. However, there will come a time when we would be needing a larger sum of money. Be it for an emergency, as an initial capital for your business, school needs, or any other needs or wants. As a result, we would certainly need the assistance of a financial institution that offers loan products.

We all know that dealing with financial institutions in the Philippines requires a lot of documents and is pretty tedious. Fortunately for the policemen and other public safety personnel, there are financial institutions that caters specifically for us. One of these financial institutions is standing out recently.

The Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (PSSLAI)

The Public Safety Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (PSSLAI) was created in 2003 purposely to serve as the Savings and Loan Association (SLA) for PNP personnel. As of 2018, it is the only financial institution that has satisfied the provisions of RA 8367″An act providing for the regulation of the organization and operation of the Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations (NSSLAs)”. The said law mandates that all NSSLAs must restrict and confine its membership to a well-defined group and in no instance shall cater to members from branches/department of the government.

NEW! U-Loan (Universal loan)*

The newest addition to its range of financial products is the U-Loan (Universal loan). This product gives you ease of access to a Universal Range of wants and needs! Repayments are conveniently made via salary deduction. It was announced that this has an interest rate of 9% per annum.

This is the newest loan product from PSSLAI called ULoan.

Maximum Loanable Amount:

  • 13 times worth the Monthly Salary plus Deposits and Contributions with PSSLAI.
    What does it mean? This is the maximum amount that you can loan from PSSLAI that is computed based on your monthly take home salary multiplied by 13 plus the total deposits and contributions that you have had at PSSLAI’s savings, CapCon, CASA, and other accounts.


  • PNP
    • One (1) Duty Status
  • BFP and BJMP
    • One (1) Duty Status
    • Certificate of Non-Pending Case
  • BJMP
    • One (1) Recent Payslip
    • Two (2) Recent Payslips
    • Certificate of Employment
    • Certificate of Non-Pending Case

Other charges: Insurance based on Board approval. Documentary Stamp tax: Php 1.5 for every Php 200 for loans above Php 250,000. Maximum Loanable amount and interest rates are subject to change without prior notice.

What does it mean? The insurance is usually deducted from your total take home amount once the loan application is finally approved at PSSLAI office. Thus, the take home amount is lesser than the principal amount of loan. But it will make your loan insured. Please note that the if you will avail the services of PSSLAI partners when processing your loan application, you will be deducted 500 pesos as a service charge.

*Subject to other Terms & Conditions

To avail of the said loan product, proceed to the nearest PSSLAI office in your area.

For inquiries and comments, you may contact our Customer Service at 09989622081, 09255457493 and 09178567443 or send an email to or

This article is NOT paid by PSSLAI. This blog is only showcasing products that we believe are of great help and benefit for the readers, whom are usually members of the police force. For take down requests, please email to

As the Chief, PNP Police General Oscar D. Albayalde in a memorandum in September 2018, “Let us promote the culture of frugality, savings and wisdom in taking the use of credit.”

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