Use PNP Salary ATM Card with Debit feature to pay online

The Philippine National Police is implementing payroll to its 190K plus personnel thru Land Bank Salary ATM Card Account. The ATM card account has some important features such as online banking and fund transfers, among others.

And since the Government-mandated addition of the EMV-chip features, Land Bank also rolled out a new card version of the salary ATM card with the chip on it. But the most important and handy feature maybe is that this newer card is also a Debit Card.

According to Wikipedia, a Debit Card is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash when making purchases. It is similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money is immediately transferred directly from the cardholder’s bank account when performing a transaction.

Why use debit card online?

There are many reasons why you will need to pay online thru debit/credit cards. In online shopping, there are items you really need to get but are shipped from abroad. Also, other companies such as Globe Telecom offer online payment scheme for your postpaid/landline/broadband accounts. It was for this reason that you may need a guide on how to use your debit card to pay online.

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How to do it:
That being said, I’ll discuss in this post the basics on how to use your Landbank salary ATM card/Debit card in purchasing items online.

  1. Visit the online shop’s website.

    The most common online marketplaces that offer online payment are Lazada and Shoppee.
    However, that is not the only online place where you can use your debit card as there are also mobile applications such as the Grab App allows debit cards to be used in Cashing In to your Grab Pay wallets.

  2. Browse and choose the product/s that you intend to buy.

    When you are finished shopping, click the Checkout button.

  3. On the Payment method options, select Debit/Credit card.

    Although COD options are readily available on these online shops, there are reasons why you would opt to use the Debit/Credit card option.

  4. Enter your Debit card information

    Locate the four (4) important details in your debit card, those are:
    a. Card number
    b. Account Name/Number
    c. Expiry Date and
    d. CVV Number.

  5. Finally, double check the information you’ve entered

    Always double check the details that you’ve entered especially the Expiry date and CVV number as wrong info may temporarily lock your debit card feature. This event will prevent you from doing online purchases, though the main ATM function will not be affected.

Important point to remember here:

Always make sure that the website of the online shop is the official website by checking its URL and the site certificate. I’ll come up with a more comprehensive article about website security.

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