How to avail of PNP Dependent ID – a Step by Step Guide

The Philippine National Police values the dependents of its personnel as much as it values them. It has been providing various programs with the intent of uplifting the morale of its personnel and their beneficiaries.

One of its program is the issuance of Identification Cards (ID) for the dependents of PNP personnel – the Dependents ID card.

Such ID Cards carry benefits such as ease of access to relevant PNP offices, next priority in Health Service Offices such as in PNP General Hospital, free medicines if available, and a lot more.

Who are Qualified?

For single PNP personnel:

  • both Parents
  • minor siblings

For married PNP personnel:

  • wife/husband
  • child/children

What are the Requirements?

1. Application Form endorsed by any of these authorities:

  • COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr;
  • Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates;

2. Updated Certificate of Legal Beneficiary (CLB) issued by RMD, DPRM;
Requirements for CLB of Active PNP members:

  • a. Unit Endorsement
  • b. (Notary Public) Affidavit of Confirmation-COMPUTERIZED
  • c. ORIGINAL COPY of PSA/NSO-issued Marriage Contract with Official Receipt.
  • d. Original Copy of PSA/NSO-issued Advisory on Marriages of both HUSBAND and WIFE with Official Receipt.
  • e. Original Copy of PSANSO-issued Birth Certificates of Dependents with Official Receipt.
  • f. Photocopy of ID with 3 signatures and 2×2 picture with a name tag of Dependents and PNP member.
  • g. Original Copy of PSA/NSO-issued DEATH CERTIFICATE With official Receipt if DEPENDENT is already deceased.
  • h. ORIGINAL COPY OF PSA/NSO-issued Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) with Official Receipt if SINGLE/ UNMARRIED.

3. Affidavit of Loss and Police Report, if lost;
4. At least one (1) valid government-recognized ID; and,
5. Payment for the Dependent ID card (Current: P60.00).

Instructions on how to apply:

1. Submit duly accomplished application form & required documents to the COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates for verification/confirmation of entries and signature.

2. The application signed by the COP/PD/CD/Bn Comdr; C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Regional Chief, NOSU/NASU or Pers/Admin Officer of NHQ Offices/Directorates will be forwarded to the Records Management Division (RMD), DPRM thru their liaison officer or by mail/commercial courier.

3. All applications sent by mail/commercial courier must have a pre-paid return envelope.

4. Regular Processing Period: (with CLB: 2-3 days)

5. Application forms with different/inconsistent data with PAIS Record/PPF will be verified separately; hence processing will be longer.

6. All printed IDs not claimed within 30 days will be sent to C, RPHRDD/ARMD; Personnel/Admin Officer of unit/office.

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  1. Good evening po ask ko lang po ano mga requirements if ipaparenew na po mga dependents id..kc ng expired na po mga dependents id namin..ty po

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