Philippine National Police Chief, PGen Oscar D. Albayalde personally conferred today, April 1 the prestigious award of Medalya ng Kadakilaan (PNP Heroism Medal) to 18 members of the Victoria, Municipal Police Station of Northern Samar.

The said station is led by Police Lieutenant Eladio Alo and the award is in recognition of their individual acts of courage and heroism against an overly superior number of enemy.

Other awardees during the ceremony were:

  • PCMS Aimee Lutze Cadiente;
  • PSSg Ramil Ramosa

Meanwhile, PSMS Arturo Gordo and PMSg Arnold Cabacang received Medalya ng Kadakilaaan and Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting for having been wounded in action during the said encounter.

Furthermore, other recipients of the Medalya ng Kadakilaan were:

  • PCMS Marlon Ordonia;
  • PSSg Raul Francisco, Jr.;
  • PSSg Brande Esquilon;
  • PCpl Bryan Ed Peñaflor;
  • PCpl Jaykarl Laurio;
  • PCpl Eddie Edwin Diaz;
  • PCpl Tracy Silagan;
  • PCpl Jake Salesa;
  • Pat Ronnel Goco;
  • Pat Marlon Estropigan;
  • Pat Errol Montopar;
  • Pat Geral Casyao; and
  • Pat Jhonar Cris Bernadas

PGen Albayalde said earlier in a press briefing that the 18 PNP personnel has lived up to the undying battlecry of the police service: “Always outnumbered, but never outfought.”

This article originally appeared in the Facebook Page of the PNP. Due credits to them. We are simply amplifying the message. 🙂

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