PNP certifies Standard Training Package of Maritime Group

Camp Crame, Quezon City – The PNP held the ceremonial presentation of the 4th series of the Standard Training Package (STP) which passed the Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development (DHRDD) Course Certification Board.

The ceremonial presentation was held during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony on April 8, 2019, in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

PNP Deputy Chief for Operations, PLtGen Archie Francisco Gamboa together with Chief Directorial Staff, PLtGen Camilo Pancratius Cascolan and DHRDD Director, PMGen Mariel Magaway, awarded the Course Recognition Certificates.

The PNP Maritime Group’s STP for Maritime Trooper Course (MTC) and Maritime Law Enforcement Course (MLEC) are among those certified.

PBGEN Rodelio B Jocson, the energetic and snappy Director of PNP Maritime Group, received the certification during the said event.

The following units/offices also successfully passed the Course Certification Process:

  • Directorate for Operations;
  • Special Action Force;
  • Women and Children Protection Center;
  • Highway Patrol Group;
  • Anti-Kidnapping Group;
  • EOD/K9 Group;
  • Finance Service;
  • PNP Training Service; and
  • Information technology Management Service

Moreover, the “Medalya ng Kasanayan” was awarded to PCpt Aris Tormo, OIC HRDS of PNP MG, for his invaluable services rendered as Training Officer/Manager who managed the successful approval of PNP MG’s course certification.

Other personnel who received the same award were:

  • PCol Cecilio Ison;
  • PCol Owen Andarino;
  • PMaj Armie Claire Belen;
  • PMaj Raul Salle;
  • PCol Salvador Alacyang;
  • PCol Nelson Sulit;
  • PMaj Rollindena Vergara;
  • PLtCol Ericson Del Rosario;
  • PLtCol Frederick Obar; and
  • PLtCol Ruben Borres

The STP is a complete training guide composed of Program of Instructions, Master Training Schedule, Module Plan, Lesson Plan, Training Evaluation, and Slide Presentation to ensure all in-service training are delivered uniformly across the PNP organization.

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