Breaking! Service of Arrest Warrant Results in Armed Encounter in Lanao Town

(Updated!) A police operation to serve a Warrant of Arrest in Brgy. Ilian, Madamba, Lanao Del Sur resulted to an armed encounter after the subjects shoot it out with the authorities in the early hours of April 4, 2019.

The operation commenced at around 1 AM of April 4, 2019 with personnel of 1403rd Regional Mobile Force Company (RMFC) led by PMAJ JANZ VLADIMIR G HILARION, and supported by elements from 1st and 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC), PDEU, PIB and PIDMB, all from Lanao Del Sur (LDS) PPO.

The composite police teams were supposed to serve the warrant of arrest but the suspects refused to surrender, but rather fired upon the approaching policemen, that resulted to the said armed confrontation.

The firefight lasted for more than 8 hours that ended at about 9:30AM of the said date.

The suspects were identified as:

  • Usop Malubay Abdulaziz;
  • Abdulaziz Macalatas Abombay;
  • Zainodin Moro Macalatas Ameril;
  • Alican Macabuntal @ Mkig Usman;
  • Usman Barating Macabuntal

The operation stemmed from a Warrant of Arrest issued by the court against the suspects for Murder.

Four of the subjects of Arrest Warrant died in the encounter.

Meanwhile, 8 personnel from the PNP were wounded as sporadic gun fights erupted when the relatives of the suspects retaliated. Another PNP personnel is Missing in Action.

The MILF leadership quickly claimed that the suspects were legitimate members of their group.

However, the operation is a legitimate police operation that was executed to implement the court order to arrest the suspects and is covered by a Warrant of Arrest.

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