Maritime Group’s HSTW to get 21 units of Cal. 50 Heavy Machine Guns

The video below was taken during the Endurance test of the 21 units of Cal. 50 Heavy Machine Guns that was posted by the PNP for public bidding but failed for the reason that no bidders submitted their bid.

It was eventually submitted for negotiated bidding with an approved budget of Php44,100,000.00.

It was awarded to Nashe Enterprises who submitted a negotiated bid worth Php44,000,019.00. The make of the gun is still unknown, but reportedly, Nashe Enterprises partnered with a South Korean Company that has a collaboration with a German Tech.

This was previously reported by MaxDefense Philippines so maybe he can provide more info based on the video.

These Heavy Machine Guns, once accepted by the PNP, will be installed on the front/bow gun mounts of 40ft High Speed Tactical Watercrafts (HSTW) of the PNP Maritime Group.

(C) credits to the owner of the video.

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