Totoo bang mawawala na ang Group Chats sa Facebook?

Para masagot natin ng mabuti, kailangan muna nating mag-crash course about sa Facebook features.

What is going to be affected is the “Chat on Facebook Group” feature.

Meanwhile, Messenger’s “Group Conversation” katulad nung mga nasa messenger mo na ina-add ka sa kung ano-anong Group Conversations like yung sa class nyo ay ibang domain. Ang mga yun ay hindi Chat on Facebook Group, dahil wala namng kayong existing na Facebook Group. Example ng Facebook Group ay “Hachi’s Buy and Sell”, among others.

Minsan, nami-mix up ng iilan ang Facebook Page at Facebook Group. Ano ang pinagkaiba?

Kapag Page, ang kini-click mo para sumali ay “Like” button, kapag Group naman, “Join” button ang kiniclick.

So ano ang sagot sa tanong?
Kung ang existing Group Chat nyo ay ginawa ng admin o isa sa mga member ng isang Facebook Group, ito ay apektado.

Pero kapag ang Group Chat or more appropriately, ang Group Conversation ay ginawa sa Facebook Messenger sa pamamagitan ng pag invite isa-isa, hindi ito apektado.

For more information, here is the official statement of Facebook.

And here’s a more robust explanation by, which says that:

On August 22 2019, all Facebook Groups chat messages will become read-only. Although the option to start a chat group in Messenger as a group will be unavailable, members can still manually add one another to messages to recreate existing group chats. Members need not be friends on Facebook to do so; simply being connected on Messenger is sufficient to enable chatting among group members. (That may necessitate checking “filtered messages” for chats between non-friends on Facebook.)

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