The Philippine National Police has acquired Php 3 billion worth of police equipment to boost its operational requirements of PNP units, especially city and municipal police stations, public safety battalions and company, and national support units.

Officer-in-Charge of the PNP, Police Lieutenant General Archie Francisco Gamboa personally witnessed the blessing of newly-procured police equipment today, November 18, at the PNP Grandstand, Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Police Major General General Jose Ma. Victor Ramos, the chairman of the NHQ Bids and Awards Committee presented to the OIC, PNP the newly-acquired police equipment amounting to Php 3,030,928,724.01 sourced from Capability Enhancement Program CY 2012-2016, 2018, and 2019, Regular Agency Fund 2018, Presidential Contingency Fund and APEC 2015.

Among newly-procured equipment are:

· 1 unit Bell 429 Helicopter (Twin Engine)

· 2 units Bell H125 Helicopter (Single Engine)

· 2 units Training Helicopter R44

· 21 units EOD/K9 Patrol Vehicle

· 34 units Brand New Utility Truck

· 2,001 units Taurus 9mm Striker Fired Pistol

· 6,353 units Tisas 9mm Striker Fired Pistol

· 10,000 units Canik 9mm Striker Fired Pistol

· 21,992 units Galil 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifle

· 1,677 units K2C1 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifle

· 205 units K3 5.56mm Light Machine Gun

· 8 units NEGEV7 5.56mm Light Machine Gun

· 141 units NEGEV5 7.62mm Light Machine Gun

· 51 units Rotary Blade/Propelled Wing UAV

· 7,924 units Enhanced Combat Helmet Level III

Gamboa said these latest additions are part of the continuing effort of the PNP leadership and the national government to enhance the firepower, mobility, and tactical capabilities of PNP operating units. (PNP-PIO)

See the photos below:

This article is originally uploaded in the PNP Facebook Page.

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