PNP MG Sends Tactical Watercrafts to Support the Military Operation to Rescue 5 Indonesian Kidnap Victims in Sulu

A PNP Maritime Trooper looks on as military personnel disembarks from PNP MG HSTW to go after kidnappers in Sulare Island, Sulu.

Parang, Sulu – The PNP Maritime Group (PNP MG) supported the military operation against suspected Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) to rescue the 5 Indonesian Kidnap Victims (KVs) in Sulu yesterday, January 18 at about 04:25PM, according to official report from MG field unit.

Aboard PNP MG’s High Speed Tactical Watercrafts (HSTWs) No. 13 and 17, the Group transported NAVSOG SOU3 personnel to Sulare Island, Parang, Sulu for possible rescue operation of five Indonesian KVs.

The KVs were forcibly taken by armed men, suspected to be ASG members, last January 15, 2020 in Lahad Datu, Sabah and were reported to have been secretly transported to Sulare Island.

PNP MG’s HSTW anchored alongside PCG’s RHIB.

By 05:30PM, the NAVSOG had personnel disembarked at the island while PNP MG’s HSTWs provided blocking force together with PN MPAC vessel and two PCG RHIBs.

At 09:45PM, a firefight erupted between govt troops and suspected kidnappers with undetermined number of casualties against kidnappers.

Today, January 19, the PNP MG HSTWs Nos. 13, 14 and 17 transported additional personnel from Phil Army Scout Rangers to Sulare Island to augment operating unit.

At present, the combined NAVSOG, SF, SR and LRC of the AFP are in the island supported by PAF helicopter, while all govt floating assets (including PNP MG’s HSTWS) are providing support and as blocking units around the island.

It can be recalled that the PNP MGs HSTW had been installed with machine guns in this report: Maritime Group’s HSTW to get 21 units of Cal. 50 Heavy Machine Guns

The HSTWs are equipped with MG3 machine guns.

Maritime Group is a National Operational Support Unit of the PNP that specializes in maritime law enforcement, maritime tactical operations, among other maritime related policing functions.

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