WAG MATIGAS ULO: Taal Danger/Exclusion Zone Should Be Respected

A breaking news broke out yesterday afternoon – three volunteers trapped at the Volcano Island after attempting to rescue animals there.

Credits to Manila Bulletin

One can only scratch his or her head as to why these unauthorized person were able to cross the lake to the Volcano Island that was declared already as a Permanent Danger Zone. According to reports, they are volunteers for PETA.

Without blaming them, I’d like to rationalize the reason why people should respect it when authorities declare exclusion zones such us this.

It is not only for your safety, but for the rescue personnel’s too.

This is the very reason why unauthorized persons were prohibited from returning to the Volcano Island.

Now that they are trapped, they need rescue from government forces. In rescuing them, the government will need to reallocate resources which will otherwise be used for more pressing matters, like evacuation of other people who are in actual need of help.

We understand the love for animals, and we sympathize. It is evidenced by the rescue operations mounted by the PNP and other Gov’t agencies today at Volcano Island to evacuate surviving animals.

But again, HUMAN LIFE IS THE PARAMOUNT CONCERN. We have to accept that the animals will be secondary in a serious emergency or disaster.

For example, in an imaginary scenario where people who attempted to rescue trapped animals will be trapped themselves and put to grave danger, rescuing them will put the rescuers to the same danger. It is unnecessary.

We sincerely hope that they are safe. May this be a lesson for other to follow government advisory.




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