Maritime Group Supports ISO Operations of 1405th RMFC in BASULTA Waters

Lantawan, Basilan – The PNP Maritime Group’s regional unit (RMU-BAR) in Basilan provided tactical watercraft and firepower support for the Internal Security Operations (ISO) conducted by the 1405th Regional Mobile Force Company (RMFC) on January 31, 2020.

Together with personnel of Philippine Army and Maritime Group, elements of 1405th RMFC patrolled the seawaters of Basilan aboard PNP MG’s High Speed Tactical Watercraft (HSTW) to evaluate the enemy sighting that has been reported by concerned citizens.

The said seaborne patrol also aims to establish security measures against possible threat of terrorism.

The RMFC is one of the PNP units mandated to support the AFP in ISO.

Support Role of PNP MG

On the other hand, Maritime Group is mandated to perform all police functions over Philippine waters.

It also plays additional role as a National Operational Support Unit or NOSU of the PNP, meaning, it is required to provide necessary operational support for other PNP units that will conduct operations or activities in the maritime setting.

It can be remembered that the the PNP MG have in its inventory, . These guns are for defensive purpose but can be used in firepower support during actual operations.

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