Maritime Group’s SOU3 Arrests Illegal Fishers in Manila Bay

A PNP Maritime trooper prepares to board F/BCA MAYSIE. Note the skyline of Metro Manila in the Background.

Parañaque City – The Special Operations Unit 3 (SOU3) of the PNP Maritime Group arrested four individuals for illegal fishing in Manila Bay on February 10, 2020.

Official report stated that the SOU3 personnel led by PCPT SYLVESTER C. LEAL, onboard High Speed Tactical Watercraft (HSTW) No. 28, were on their way to provide security coverage for President Duterte at the vicinity of Manila Hotel.

Then, at about 8:20PM, the team chanced upon the fishing boat  F/BCA MAYSIE while in the actual fishing operation at approximately 1.5KM from the shoreline near Manila Hotel.

Those arrested were identified as Rolando V. Oribia, Richard S. Mendoza, Gil M. Sacdalan, and Michael Justine M. Dela Cruz.

Unauthorized Fishing

A case for violation of Section 86(b) of the Republic Act (RA) 8550 or the Fisheries Code of the Philippines as amended by RA 10654 is now being prepared against the suspects.

The SOUs are mandated to provide rapid and highly mobile seaborne law enforcement operations to secure the highly permeable, navigable waters, ports, ferry terminals and coastal areas against human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, terrorism, piracy, smuggling, poaching, and other forms of criminal activities throughout the country.

The SOU3 is based in Parañaque City but with operational jurisdiction in the whole of Luzon Island.

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