In a livestream telecast message on tuesday afternoon, the PNP Chief, PGEN ARCHIE FRANCISCO F GAMBOA announced that the qualified PNP personnel will receive a uniform rate of Hazard Pay amounting to Five Hundred (500) Pesos.

This is a much welcomed development among the 200K+ strong PNP personnel, most of whom are deployed now as frontliners in the fight against COVID-19.

The said COVID-19 Hazard Pay will be received by PNP personnel on April 17, 2020.


During the said live telecast, C, PNP also announced that PSMBFI had donated thru its assistance program which will give each of its members a cash assistance amounting to Five (5) Thousand Pesos.

This PSMBFI cash assistance will be received by qualified PNP personnel on April 15, 2020.

These benefits are apart from the full April salary that will be received by PNP personnel as loan deductions were suspended by financial institutions.

200M Donation Challenge is Voluntary

The Chief, PNP further said that in light of these benefits, he started a donation challenge that aims to gather approximately Php 200 million.

He is happy to announce that this donation challenge is gaining grounds within the PNP organization.

Meanwhile, the PNP Chief emphasized that this donation challenge is VOLUNTARY and that PNP personnel are not obliged to join.

He explained that the amount to be gathered from donations will be the share of PNP to the National Government’s effort to provide for its citizens in these trying times thru the Social Amelioration Program.

Further, he hoped that the PNP personnel have more than enoigh to spare to help the Government and the people who are in their direst need.

In the end, PNP leader thanked all of his personnel for sacrificing and doing their sworn duty in light of this COVID-19 threat.

Marinong Pulis
This blog is an attempt by the author to create an alter-ego that is not bound by rank, hierarchy or politics. One that does not represent his personal character but rather shall remain as an identity purely found online.

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