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The Maritime Group of the Philippine National Police:
In Retrospect of the Past 30 Years

To ensure the success of the young police organization, the Law explicitly promised the following provisions: Section 24. “..In order to perform its powers and functions efficiently and effectively, the PNP shall be provided with adequate land, sea, and air capabilities and all necessary material means of resources.”


PNP MG Receives Additional High Speed Tactical Watercrafts (2020)

The additional 22 units of High Speed Tactical Watercraft (HSTW) had been received by the PNP Maritime Group last October 15, 2020 in a simple ceremony held at the contractor shipyard in Cebu City. The contractor, DM8 Composites, is expected to turn over these HSTWs complete with training packages on Navigation, Seamanship Maintenance and Boarding. […]


Good News: PSSLAI to implement 60-day Grace Period, Won’t Collect Accrued Interests

PSSLAI will not collect any accrued interests for the whole duration of the 60-day grace period for loan payments. In an advisory posted on its website, it explains that based on RA 11494 or Bayanihan to Recover as One Act and BSP Memorandum Circular No. M-2020-068, lending institutions “may collect Accrued Interests for loans covered by the […]