The Maritime Group of the Philippine National Police:
In Retrospect of the Past 30 Years

To ensure the success of the young police organization, the Law explicitly promised the following provisions: Section 24. “..In order to perform its powers and functions efficiently and effectively, the PNP shall be provided with adequate land, sea, and air capabilities and all necessary material means of resources.”


PNP MG Receives Additional High Speed Tactical Watercrafts (2020)

The additional 22 units of High Speed Tactical Watercraft (HSTW) had been received by the PNP Maritime Group last October 15, 2020 in a simple ceremony held at the contractor shipyard in Cebu City. The contractor, DM8 Composites, is expected to turn over these HSTWs complete with training packages on Navigation, Seamanship Maintenance and Boarding. […]


Maritime Group’s SOU3 Arrests Illegal Fishers in Manila Bay

Parañaque City – The Special Operations Unit 3 (SOU3) of the PNP Maritime Group arrested four individuals for illegal fishing in Manila Bay on February 10, 2020. Official report stated that the SOU3 personnel led by PCPT SYLVESTER C. LEAL, onboard High Speed Tactical Watercraft (HSTW) No. 28, were on their way to provide security coverage for President […]


PNP MG Sends Tactical Watercrafts to Support the Military Operation to Rescue 5 Indonesian Kidnap Victims in Sulu

Parang, Sulu – The PNP Maritime Group (PNP MG) supported the military operation against suspected Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) to rescue the 5 Indonesian Kidnap Victims (KVs) in Sulu yesterday, January 18 at about 04:25PM, according to official report from MG field unit. Aboard PNP MG’s High Speed Tactical Watercrafts (HSTWs) No. 13 and 17, […]


2nd SOU MG Operatives Nab Five Vietnamese Poachers

Personnel of 2nd SOU-MG led by PCPT ALDIN L BROGAROLAS nabbed one (1) Vietnamese Fishing Vessel on November 29, 2019 during intensified seaborne patrol operation. Among the poachers successfully apprehended were the four (4) crewmembers onboard, including the boat captain, at the vicinity seawaters of Brgy. Mangsee, Balabac, Palawan. They were arrested for the initial […]


The PNP Maritime Group Should Acquire Bigger Vessels

Singapore has recently decommisioned three of its 55-meter patrol vessels. While it was reportedly said that Singapore will scrap these patrol vessels (sayang!), it is still worthy to see if it can be donated instead, considering that these were just commissioned in 1996 and 1997. These are “newer” compared to some PN vessels in commission. […]


PNP Maritime Group’s HSTWs to be equipped with Rhinemetall MG3 machine guns

The 42 units of Rhinemetall MG3 7.62x51GP machine guns that was presented by the Chief, PNP PGEN ALBAYALDE on May 6, 2019 will be the new addition to the firepower of PNP Maritime Group’s HSTWs. Maxdefense Philippines actually mentioned this about a week ago: 1. RELATED: Safehull Marine, Propmech build PNP Maritime Group […]