Welcome to our Piso Wifi Services

Thank you for trying out our Piso Wifi! Meron kang free minutes!

Our very affordable rates are shown below:

1 pesos – 10mins – Consumable Time. No Expiration.

5 pesos – 1h:0m – Consumable Time. No Expiration.

10 pesos – 3h:0m – Consumable Time. No Expiration.

20 pesos – 7h:0m – PROMO! LIMITED OFFER: Buy this 20 pesos for 6hrs and get bonus 1 hr.

50 – 21h:0m – LIMITED PROMO UNTIL SEPT. 10: Get 21 Hrs for 50 pesos. No Expiration until fully consumed!

299 pesos – 7d:0h:0m – Valid for 8days 45 mins! (New option: No coin? Buy Voucher Code from us.)

599 pesos – 15d:0h:0m – Expires in 15days 6hrs! (New option: No coin? Buy Voucher Code from us.)

999 pesos – 30d:0h:0m – Expires in 31days 12hrs! (New option: No coin? Buy Voucher Code from us.)


Kung gusto mong bumili ng time para sa laptop at desktop PC, imbes na “Done Paying” ang i-click pagkatapos mag hulog ng coins, “Buy Voucher Code” ang pindutin.

Maari ding bumili sa amin direkta ng voucher code kung ang bibilhin ay pang-7 days, 15 days at 30days. Magtanong lamang po.

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