The month of May signifies a lot of things for all of us. For some, this is the climax of the summer season and a time to savor the VitaminSea and get those tan lines; or a time to visit the old folks and other relatives in the probinsya. For the students, it may mean vacation – a time to rest from the never-ending assignments and homework while others may be busy preparing for the Barangay and SK elections.

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However, for the PNP personnel, there is no vacation or any of those things. As a matter of fact, the election time means we are on Full Alert status, with no leaves of absence allowed. But still, this month gives that feeling of higher-than-usual morale. We all knew why. Because…

Dannnn! daa raa raannn!!!!



I’ll let that sink in for a moment…

The question is:

And so, when the memo providing guidance for the release of the Mid-year bonus circulated on social media last week, everybody celebrated! (Lalo na yung mga misis jan! hehehe)

Figure 1 – eto po yung kumakalat sa net. kinopya lang po natin. 🙂

But the ultimate question for this year really is, ang Midyear Bonus po ba ay equivalent sa 1 month Base pay or kalahati lang?

We may all know that the 13th-month pay also known as the Year-end bonus was created under PD 851 while the 14th-month pay or the midyear bonus was created under Executive Order 201. Baka magtaka po kayo na ang Year-end bonus ang 13th-month pay samantalang ang midyear bonus ay tinawag na 14th month pay. Iyan po ay ang talagang nakasaad sa mga batas.

Anyways, according to those who say that it is just half of the base pay, they are pointing to the photo below as their reference:

Figure 2 – This was taken from the DBM’s draft proposal.

However, this specific photo is a page taken from the proposed bill formulated by the DBM that was forwarded to both the House of Representatives and the Senate. While most of the provisions of the draft bill by DBM was adopted, this specific portion was not included when the Joint Resolution No. 1 was approved and forwarded by both houses to the President and when President Duterte signed it. You may visit the full texts of J.R. No. 1 here.

In fact, as far as I know, under the repealing clause of Joint Resolution No. 1, only the Provisional and Officer Allowances were removed explicitly. It is therefore understood that all other provisions of E.O. 201 will remain effective.
Hindi pinawalang bisa totally ng J.R. no. 1 ang E.O. 201. Tinanggalan lang po nito ng bisa ang parteng Provisional Allowance at Officers Allowance.

Heto po ang repeal clause ng J.R. No. 1:

Figure 3 – repeal clause of J.R. no. 1

Additionally, please refer to figure 1, notice that the letter “C” of the References paragraph 1 is ” DBM Budget Circular 2017-02? You may access that circular on this link. Here is the screenshot of the Mid-year bonus portion on that circular:

Figure 4 – Mid-year bonus provision on DBM budget circular 2017-02

Finally, in figure 1, Para. 1 “References” letter “D”, the cited reference is the EO 201. I’ve already explained above this portion.

Figure 5 – screengrabbed from the Official Gazette.

This incoming Mid-year bonus will be received in a tumataginting na equivalent to ONE (1) MONTH BASE PAY!!! Yeheyyyy!!!!

Thanks for reading guys, sirs and ma’ams!

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